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The name of our school is Ryu Dojo. The name of our style is Hawaiian Kenpo

The art of Hawaiian Kenpo is dedicated to three martial artists: Guchin Funakoshi the founder of Karate, Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo, and Torazo Ryusaki. Torazo taught open karate classes on the beaches of Hawaii to his community. A dedicated karate-ka he required his children to practice karate and at least one other style. Bill Ryusaki, the son of Torazo, founded Hawaiian Kenpo, not only as a new and unique blend of martial arts, but also as a way to pass on the sense of community held by his father and the founders of modern day karate and judo.

Our style teaches stand up fighting at near and close range as well as throws, joint locks, and ground fighting techniques. Though focus, self discipline, and the study of kata the mind is strengthened thereby giving the body more power. People of any experience level are welcome to join; an Aikido sensei once told me, “You have been practicing all your life without realizing it.” All that’s left is to learn which moves go where… All this and more is yours to attain if you are willing to work hard for it.


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